Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Joyful Giving?

The podcast is now live, with Episode 1 in the books. This month we discuss the blessing that God promises when we step out in obedience beyond the border of comfort and control. And we spotlight a God-honoring and life-affirming ministry out of Argyle, Texas called Blue Have Ranch, providing supportive community, gospel discipleship, and farm therapy for single pregnant mothers with children.

Take a listen and walk with us in the Joy of Giving! 

Joyful Giving
"Joyful Giving" is a new podcast from HowGiving discussing God's Word on Generosity

Partial Transcript:

Our lack of giving shows our heart. We are more worried about comfort and control than we are dying to self and carrying our sacrificial cross for the Kingdom of Heaven. Ouch, right? This podcast is designed to confront us with God's word on generosity. "God so loved the world that He ..." what? ... played it safe? Stored up enough for the future, you know, just in case? Oh do we have it so so wrong in the Western Christian world. 

Hey guys, I'm Greg Dean, author of "Giving: A Humble Plea to the Western Christian" and we're going to be discussing the different facets of Godly Giving, per God's Word, and provide ways to give together with recommendations as to WHO should be the Christ-honoring recipient of your joyful donations of time, talent and treasure.

Join me in unpacking this difficult topic, and let's grow together toward WALKING in the joy of giving.

Alright, in this episode (our first episode of Joyful Giving - yeah!) we'll touch on the heart of this podcast, the Spirit that literally inspired it, and one ministry that's dear to my heart, Blue Haven Ranch.

I'm going to warn you, just as Paul and Peter confronted their brothers and sisters with God's truth, in love, I'm going to be doing the same. And just know, that as I'm saying to you, I'm also saying it to my own heart. I miss the mark daily. Don't we all? But a heart that desires to obey, and repeatedly gets up, dusts itself off without shame or guilt, but repents and pushes forward to "sin no more" is a heart that is after God and His Way. 

Let's get started with the book that inspired this whole thing ...

Now, let's take a few minutes discussing Blue Haven Ranch. Wow, what these folks are doing in the Argyle, TX area is absolutely beautiful ...