Friday, November 22, 2019

History's Greatest Investment

[Written originally on March 28, 2017]

Today, my family will receive a sizeable influx of money: tax return, sales bonus, commission check, then my standard bi-monthly salary. What my family will do with that blessing from God is different from what the world would do, generally speaking. In fact, they may find our actions strange. 

The world will buy something nice, like a new car, or they'll put it in a strong investment fund with a nice yield. Will I do any different? Well, ultimately no ... but where specifically will the money be invested?

We - as Christians- are called to give back to God from our "first fruits". We do this to simply acknowledge that it all came from Him, so we give 10-20% of the gross (not net, but gross, because we're giving of the first fruits, not of the after-tax amount) to our church, who is dedicated to a) sharing the Gospel, b) going on Mission, c) helping our community, and d) making the world a better place for the glory of God. We then find a brother or sister in need, and give a chunk to them. Then, we invest a portion. And with the balance, we may or may not buy something nice. Less nice by worldly standards, but nice nonetheless.

Why? Because we know it all came from Him. And even if we look at this from a secular standpoint, is it not the best approach to put our money (as well as time and talent) into the investment which promises the greatest yield? Of course. Well, that investment is in the Kingdom! Nothing even comes close to God's promised APR. And there is no risk involved in this investment. Our Treasure will, without any doubt, be stored up for us in heaven.

In short, as for me and my family, we will bank on God's promises.

He has the greatest financial and life advice in both history and non history. The Creator knows best... And besides, I've seen the returns personally, right here on Earth.

Lord thank you for your provision, and for making it so clear. I pray in Jesus name. Amen.

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